Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Avansis works meticulously and energetically in our IT recruiting processes. We manage our teams in order to attract and retain talent and, therefore, offer a long-term differential value.

Our outsourcing model

  • Standard RPO

    We find the most suitable person for the job ready for incorporation in 48-72 hours

  • Direct Recruitment

    The skills of the candidates and their availability worldwide are our differential value.

  • Avansis Nearshore

    Reduce incorporation costs of and obtain greater profitability.

  • TalenTech

    Solutions to optimize recruiting process and the management of the team.

Avansis is one of the most recommended outsourcing companies for recruiting processes in Spain. Avansis has an extensive experience in management for talent and recruiting processes. Being considered as a multidisciplinary outsourcing company of professionals specialized in the IT sector, Avansis is capable of achieving the recruitment goals in a few hours in the client’s project in 48-72 hours.

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The Avansis outsourcing model enables the incorporation of candidate that suits your company best in 48-72 hours. The speed of our recruiting team and our extensive database make a staff incorporation a positive, easy and guarantee process. Moreover, we foster employees to acquire the client’s business culture. The Avansis database, which has thousands of records, allows the outsourcing of talent to be a success, since we do not rest until we find the candidate that best suits the needs of your project.


The Direct Recruitment Model allows your company to select the most appropriate candidates to be part of your company from the very first day with the support of a customized selection process that meets 100% of the client’s requirements. Avansis helps you to customise the selection process within your company, the recruitment for any country and the guarantee of guaranteed skills of any IT profile your business needs.


Thanks to this model, in which employees work from the facilities of the Avansis R + D + i center, a reduction in costs plus a greater profitability is achieved by the customer. The customer must define the project, generate the necessary documentation and choose the appropriate KPIs. Then, Avansis guarantees the outsourcing process with quick ROI results and the minimization of the costs. Avansis balances the human resources in order to be aligned with the Workload of the project. Measuring through KPIs and SLAs, the client effectively analyse the features of the project.


Optimize the Recruitment Process of the company saving costs of time, money and resources. Know our solutions for document management and digital signature to store the candidates’ files safely and sign the timely documents any time and anywhere.

We are leaders in international projects

Avansis has a large experience with services in the international market. Avansis currently operates in outsourcing processes in Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Peru and Netherlands.

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