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Let Avansis take care of your company’s protection.

Avansis provides a services for support and maintenance of firewall security that protects the perimeter of your company. Our team of specialists will solve any security issue that may occur.

Which are the main features of the service?

Detección del estado del equipo. Análisis


Avansis defines a status by colours base don the level of Endpoint Security. Rules are established to, for instance, require a ‘green status’ to access some resources.

Identificación del tráfico HTTP


By nature, this type of traffic is difficult to identify which application is generating it. The firewall gets this information and discover new, no pre-established applications.



Facing a serious issue, the joining together of two elements may provide the isolation of the network of the affected device. In this way, it is posible to ensure the security of the rest.

This is a service of perimeter security synchronized for the protection against threats. It allows to control the devices with real-time protection against malicious software (malware). Additionally, it allows to prevent your devices from exploits and fight against cryptolockers. Eventually, it is posible to reach the maximum level of security, saving trails of the events with a complex analysis.

  • Basic Plan
    • Set up
    • Basic Rules
    • Web Security
    • Backup Configuration
    • Basic report Generation
  • Intermediate Plan
    • Set up
    • Basic Rules
    • Web Security
    • Backup configuration
    • AD Integration
    • Application control
    • Intrusion control
    • Intermediate Report Generation
INCIBE Avansis

Since 2017, Avansis is part on Companies and Solutions of Cybersecurity of INCIBE (Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute)

Plan A

Basic Plan

This service consists of:


  • Initial Set-up: installation and configuration of the firewall, IP assignation, licenses and first configuration.
  • Basic rules: configuration of basic rules for its common use.
  • Web security: navigation rules and privacy protection.
  • Basic Reports: the reports are provided monthly. They incluse the use and categories of applications according to web categories.


It provides basic security for your company’s perimeter, ensuring the filter of URLs, malware analysis and access rules, as well as NATeos in case of being necessary.

Plan B Avansis

Intermediate Plan

This level of service consists of the services of the Basic Plan as well as the following:


  • AD Integration: it allows to have security policies for users / groups, securing the Internet access.
  • Application control: policy control to avoid older versión of legitimate applications.
  • Intrusion control: protection before suspicious files, rootkits and unknown threats.
  • Intermediate report: generation of a report that includes information of the users, applications and intrusions that may occur.


It provides you a extra-layer of security compared to the Basic Plan regarding your company’s perimeter, ensuring the protection of systems and users.

Plan C

Advanced Plan

This level of services consists of the services of the other plans explained before and, additionally, includes the following:


  • Remote access: WPN IPsec or SSL for the connection of the users.
  • Site-to-site connection: creation of VPN between points of communication.
  • Server web protection: protect data before malware without affection of the performance of the servers.
  • Advanced reporte: generation of a report that includes the use and category of applications according to web categories, as well as information about users, applications and intrusions that may occur. It also includes information about VPN connections, both between points an remote connections between users.


This plan provides total protection to your Company, additionally allowing users to easy connect with the office from the outside.

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