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The technological areas are being transformed: they convert their support and maintenance costs into structures that are variably evolving. At the same time, they the investments already made are being optimized.

In this scenario, the outsourcing of application services has gained strength, emerging as a critical help for IT areas to operate more efficiently, achieving greater flexibility for the growth and diversification of the company’s business.

Why Avansis?
Appropriate and flexible sizing. Outsourcing the maintenance of the applications allows to face peak workloads easily and to have diverse profiles within the team (experts in a technology with a specific dedication).
Increase in productivity by rationalising maintenance costs, which are transformed into a variable cost depending on the needs of the business.
By delegating certain tasks to specialized suppliers, the company’s staff can devote part of their time to added-value tasks that they cannot perform when the workload is high.
Reduce the error percentage in the processes by having an expert and specialized supplier.
Increase of Business competitiveness and equipment productivity.
Increase the flexibility of the organization by increasing response times.
A trained, stable and specialized team to guarantee the quality of the service.

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