At Avansis we are aware of the importance of accessing information from any device, at any time, in any place. And what is more important: we know how to do it safely, safeguarding its integrity at all times, guaranteeing its availability and confidentiality throughout its life cycle.

Society demands and a hyperconnected society that rapidly evoles with an increasingly delocalised, secure and fast network where the strategic value of the data creates new opportunities (and, of course, threats) on multiple fronts.

These new concepts have given room to new areas of economic activity which, linked to new possibilities thanks to technology and innovation, are leading to structural changes at all levels of the economy and society. The current productivity requires the development of technologies that facilitate teleworking in collaborative, flexible and safe environments.


Avansis mobility solutions are not confined to the MDM tools deployment. Thanks to our collaborators participation, we offer solutions for global mobility management (EMM -Enterprise Mobile Management) that cover all areas of access to information.

Avansis mobility solutions allow the business expansion to new areas of economic activity without renouncing to the highest levels of security: from the management of privileged access to the control of access rights outside the organization; from the management of mobile devices (corporate or BYOD devices) to the remote control thereof; from the design and management of safe critical services to preventive behaviour management.

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