Heurister is a Product Cost Management (PCM) solution. In particular, this tool is specific to Manufacturing Cost Estimation.These types of solutions are part of what is defined as PLM or Product Life-cycle Management and allows us to develop an advanced technology that allows us to facilitate the quotation of parts in an automatic way, providing a fast and reliable way for the Planning, Purchasing and Engineering areas. Heurister has the following benefits:

  1. Use of heuristic methods for the automatic evaluation of the quotation following an optimal path according to the input signals requested to the tool.
  2. OCR and text mining technology to obtain the necessary information in the manufacturing process, material and dimensional tolerances, from a 2D format input: AutoCAD, PDFs (digital, not scanned) to PDFS (non-digital, coming from printed document scans), as well as other 2D formats.
  3. Real-time material price and processing and self-management of budget requests collection.
  4. Refinement of arithmetic cost estimation through benchmarking using artificial intelligence technologies. Combining arithmetic estimation with expert experience, starting from a library of cases and allowing user feedback.
  5. Use of recursive convergent learning algorithms using Artificial Neural Networks to facilitate self-learning of the tool as it is used.

This project, “HEURISTIC QUOTATION SYSTEM: HEURISTER”, has been financed by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), through the granting of aid co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Multiregional Operational Program for Intelligent Growth. The project has been developed at the Seseña Tech Center, located at Calle Blasco Ibañez 10, 45223, Seseña (Toledo).

A partially reimbursable aid of up to 343,374.50 euros has been granted, which represents a percentage of 85% of the total budget accepted by this center, amounting to 403,970.00 euros. The aid is broken down into a non-refundable part amounting to 30.00% calculated on the financial coverage of the aid, coverage that for the purposes of this calculation of the non-refundable tranche has a maximum of 75% of the total budget accepted and a refundable part comprising the remainder of the aid to which an interest rate of 0.0% per annum will be applied.


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