Atenea: HR Management System

Atenea is the human resources management platform that increases cost savings and optimizes your company’s workflows in a single centralized tool. Atenea suite allows you to centrally manage your processes, optimizing the management of human resources.


Optimize your company’s Human Resources 


Digitally sign documents in person or on the road


Manages employees holyday, absences and sick leave


Make training and courses available to employees


Boost your Employer Branding


Accelerate the management and control of expenses, holiday and time allocations on projects


Secure platform under TLS 1.2 protocol (HTTPS)

An integrative solution in a shared space. 

Today’s problems cause departments to exchange and send information and documents continuously, lengthening approval processes, increasing delays and costs.

The need for a tool that allows the signature and validation of expense sheets, holidays, absences, leaves and other documents, of our customers, has led us to the development of Atenea Suite.


Discover how the Atenea Suite management platform can help you optimise your company’s processes.

Atenea Technology

Atenea Suite has been developed under the required quality and security standards.  


> Multilanguage

> On premise or in the cloud

> Fully customisable

> UI developed to offer the best UX 

> 100% responsive

> Management Console

> Secure solution under protocol TLS 1.2 (HTTPS)

Succesful case 

In the human resources department, we became aware of the problems involved in the management of files and CVs, as well as the increase in the cost of managing holiday requests, expenses and absences.


At that time, we understood that a tool was needed to bring together all these processes that are necessary for the correct management of people within the company. As well as being used for internal use, we thought it would be very useful to make it available to any company.


Atenea allows us manage files from a singletool, achieving cost and time savings in the digital signature of documents, whether in person or on the move, and optimising the management of human resources.

Ignacio Franganillo – Human Resources Manager

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