Through the study of our client’s real business needs, we design the implementation and maintain the best IT solution, to satisfy them in an optimized way in terms of performance, minimizing risks, scalability and resources optimization.

Infrastructure Outsourcing allows a technological renewal in accordance with the market and your business growth, and a better use of capital-labour through monthly payments, which allows a better cash flow.

In Avansis we provide full Infrastructure management solutions, Mobility, Support, Continuity and Security, which guarantee information security and business continuity, optimizing its costs.



DCs and desktops design/implementation

We ensure the continuous and optimum computer system performance based on the business’ needs.

Technological Renewal

We achieve a technological investment minimization and optimization. Planning and guaranteeing the renovation success regardless the manufacturer and through our international services net.

Technical Consultancy

We optimize and protect the technological investments through cost reductions, an effectiveness and efficiency increase and innovation.

Maintenance and inventory

We increase your investment value actualizing, maintaining, and managing an actual and efficient infrastructure.

Management and Administration

Efficient and continuous IT support, with transparent functionality and measurable performance.

Financial services

Financial solutions for every product and service that integrates our technological offer.



VDI architecture design and implementation

We design and implement workspace virtualization solutions which allows a centralized controlled infrastructure and delocalized access to the work station.

Mobile devices management

Centralized systems design and implementation for mobile devices control, management and protection regardless the mobile operator.

BYOD management

We stablish the connectivity, access and usability parameters of those devices supplied by the users, guaranteeing the compliance with the company’s security regulations.

Mobile devices security plan

Security Plan elaboration for mobile devices, which guarantees a safe access for these devices to the corporate resources in compliance with the company’s security regulations and legislation regarding data protection.



Technical support to IT staff

We count with staff specialized and certified by the main hardware and software manufacturers to provide an integral support for demanding technical problems’ diagnosis and solutions.

We also offer our clients the scaling, monitoring and incident management with the external supports provided by manufacturers and distributors. We also have a 24×7 monitoring system which allows constant overseeing and data recording to prevent possible flaws or needs in the services and systems we support.


From the Systems area, we give support to users so the IT departments might make the most of their ICT tasks. We have our own Call Center with specialized technicians which allows us to adapt to each client’s needs. In the same way, we offer access to our professional HelpDesk software so the final user can keep record and manage incidents.

Hardware and Software assets administration and management (SAM)

We develop a plan which allows to know the software assets, outlining and optimizing its distribution and planning the adjustment to various manufacturers licensing and using regulations.



Storage solutions

Storage consolidation as a necessary element for the business continuity.

DRS solutions

Real time information constantly available and updated so it stays unchanged in a disaster event or to be available in the less time possible.

Continuity plans

Contingency Plan elaboration to secure the ICT services continuity in compliance with the business’ continuity standards.

Backup solutions

Adapted and optimized to the business’ needs so they grow in accordance with the business and securing the data recovery.


The ICT infrastructure and related services are optimized and highly available in a maximum interruption situation without a minimum business impact.




Strong Authentication

Allows a secure access to corporative resources through the OTP use.

Device control and data protection

Allows the confidential data protection avoiding information leaks. Applications control. Control over authorized applications in the work stations.

Network Access Control (NAC)

Admission and supervision of any device connected to the net, isolating those unauthorized, infected or are not in compliance with the security policy.

Web Application Firewall

Protected access to those web applications hosted in and outside the net, analysing their traffic and blocking confidential data leaks.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

A solution which prevents information leaks protecting your confidential data through security policies.

Mobile devices security (MDM, MAM, MDP y MDs)

Allows data protection as well as the management and configuration of mobile devices through personalized policies.

Event management (SIEM)

Events storing, consolidation and management in servers, applications, networking and security devices in a centralized way and on real time.

Ddos and IPS protection

First defensive line against DDoS attacks, exploits and other cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability audits and management

Allows the complete visibility of the net’s security detecting and indentifying potential security breaches in the organization’s security (Permite tener una visibilidad completa sobre la seguridad de la red, detectando e identificando los potenciales vacíos y las vulnerabilidades de seguridad de la organización).

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