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In Avansis we believe that our activity must integrate sustainable development criteria, that guarantee an appropriate resource management and environmental protection, to answer social demands.

CSR ActionsC


Boarding design for different events, like the tombola or the gala dinner.


Coordination and trophy delivery involvement in the Solidarity Race “Corre por el Sáhara” (run for the Sahara) and “Pozuelo por el Sáhara (Pozuelo for the Sahara)


III Solidarity Paddle Tournament organization (with the collaboration of Pozuelo’s council)

Donation of communications equipment


Collaboration in the “Ciudad de Pozuelo” race

II Solidarity Paddle Tournament organization in benefit of the food bank


Commitment with this project, backed up by the European Commission, based on the importance of innovative business models development


A Collection point installation for radiographies for the promoted campaign by pharmacists without borders.


The channel used by Avansis along other businesses from Pozuelo, for the CSR Europe commitment


Donation of IT equipment like mobile phones, screens, computers, switchboards, printers…

montaje web OK Avansis colabora con la Asociación SOMOS CAPACES de Boadilla del Monte haciendo una donación de material escolar y educativo de STABILO.


Collection of school supplies among our employees for kids without resources.


Avansis and Fundación Real Madrid collaborate through Bir Lehlu to help Saharawi kids.


II Solidarity Paddle Tournament organization for the benefit of Fundación Magdalena, which improves life quality for mental impaired women.


Collaboration in the campaign for Solidarity Trade and the Cap Collection campaign promoted by Fundación Seur and the Council of Pozuelo


Initiators of the campaign “Tu Ropa Cuenta” (Your Clothes Count). It consist on the clothes collection, its weighed and later payment to the chosen cause.


Donation of IT equipment for Red Madre Coraje Castilla-La Mancha.


Donation of computer equipment.


Collaboration with Seur’s cap collection campaigns.


We collaborate with this foundation which develops and maximizes sustainable lifestyles.


CSR PolicyRsc_Icono_Politica-EN

Avansis Integración must integrate its social commitment and environmental protection in the appropiate economic development, thus satisfying present needs without compromising future ones, contributing to a sustainable development and giving back part of those resources with a social origin.

Ethic CodeRsc_Icono_Codigo-EN

Avansis articulates itself on these points:

  • Forbidding of forced labour, child labour and discrimination
  • Security and hygiene in the workplace.
  • Human Rights protection
  • Sustainability commitment
  • Third party relationships
  • Legislative compliance
  • Fight against corruption

Global Compact sustaintability ReportRsc_Icono_Informe-EN

For the third time, Avansis has the pleasure of submitting the report Progreso 2013, expressing its wish to comply with the UN’s Global Compact.

This annual report elaboration serves us as a reflection mechanism and commitment review, both environmental and social, helping us diagnosing our developments, to improve constantly.

Equality ManualRsc_Icono_Manua-ENl

Avansis understands that working conditions have a direct impact on its employees life quality, since working time is not only part of working life’s backbone but also social life’s one.

Thus the necessity to fulfill the principle of equal opportunities, stablishing conditions that allow and support, in a real and effective way, the balance of working and personal life.

Solidarity Catalogue

Awareness and sustainability

Promoting the equality area and raising the awareness of stakeholders in the fight against gender-based violence.

Your Clothes count

  • For money.
  • For food.

Solidarity Events

Paddle tournament, golf tournament, solidarity race “Pozuelo por el Sáhara”.

Computer equipment donation

  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Printers

Corporative volunteering

  • Boarding
  • Graphic and Web design
  • IT Consultancy

Disadvantaged groups training

  • Office IT
  • Web browsing
  • Initiation to photographic retouching (different levels)
  • Computer science (different levels)
  • New technologies implementation for dependants
  • Environmental awareness
  • Gender-based violence awareness and prevention
  • New technologies implementation on the fight against gender-based violence
  • Occupational Risk Prevention basic courses
  • Social network management

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